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Fire Protection Systems
Systems - Clean Agent Extinguishing systems

iFlow® technology with LPG Inert® ensures a 100% safe and environmentally friendly system. The cylinders of the iFlow® systems feature a horizontal check valve (patented) inserted between the release hose and the manifold pipe. These devices prevent the return of gas from the manifold pipe to the cylinders.


Main Advantatges
1. Reduced Installation cost:
• Piping lower pressure
• Minimal venting area
• Less manifolds required
• Less installation time

2. Reduced maintenance cost:
• Minimal assembly and disassembly work
• Less refilling cost

3. Less storage space:
• Matrix Design system adapting better to architectural needs
• LPG is the only company able to offer up to 180 l. cylinders
• LPG is the only company that has reduced 80 l. cylinders height for smaller spaces

4. Adapts better to any risk:
• 4 types of gas with different air density
• Excellent extinguishing holding time response
• Flexible Matrix design adapting better to architectural needs
• Different type of chassis adapting to customer needs

5. Real-live test checking:
• iFlow® valve allows for a functional test without discharge
• Inert gas is the less costly refilling gas so it is feasible to perform real-life test at low cost

6.100% Eco-friendly:
• It’s a unique 100% Enviromental non-impact extinguishing solution

7. No reactivity with metals or other elements.
• No cleaning up is required after the use

iFlow® systems have internationally recognized VdS certificate.

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