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Fire Protection Systems
Systems - AQUAFOG® Water Mist Sprinkler Systems
The water mist protection system optimizes the amount of water, maximizing the effective water volume through the distribution of droplets of very small size. This method improves a cooling effect for a determined amount of water, reducing the necessary volume. Therefore, damages compared to conventional sprinkler systems are minimized.

LPG AQUAFOG® High and Low Pressure

LPGdesigns its systems in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards in the market with its own patented technology. LPG AQUAFOG® systems are adequate for the protection of both Class A or Class B fires. Allow for real operation tests and check the extinguishing system accordingly.

LPG AQUAFOG®offers systems in two variants:

• High Pressure: minimize water consumption and the diameters of the pipes suitable for those risks with limited water supply and architectural value.

 • Low Pressure: are a great inexpen-sive alternative to other type of risks.

Own Know-How

LPG has developed AQUAFOG® systems with its own know-how validating designs in known international labs (i.e. VTT, SINTEF). LPG has also developed multiple spray heads optimised for each risk.

We hold our own laboratory and has access to several internal and international laboratories that allows the development of new products and applications.

Designing Solutions
Among our approved AQUAFOG® designs we should highlight the following:
• Total flooding systems for machine rooms and turbines (VNIIPO and IMO to 2000 m3, FM to 260 m3)
• Local application systems of machinery (IMO up to 14 m. high).
• Ordinary hazards according to TS 14972:2010
• Escalators protection systems (VdS).
• Road tunnel protection system (tested by SINTEF).

LPG AQUAFOG®systems and components are certified by Vds, FM, IMO and quality checks are constantly submitted so as to guarantee an ongoing high level of quality throuhout its whole production.

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