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Fire Protection Systems
Systems - LOXIC® Oxygen Reduction System

LPG LOXIC revolutionary hypoxic fire prevention method removes a small portion of the oxygen before the fire ever ignites.This completely eliminates the chance of fire and the need for fire suppression.Ordinary air contains approximately 21% of oxygen and 79% nitrogen. Air in a hypoxic systems protected space typically contains an oxygen percentage of 14.5 to 15.5%. With this concentration the majority of ordinary fuels cannot ignite and they do not represent a risk to people. To obtain these conditions a hypoxic current with an oxygen concentration of 5% is needed.

LPG LOXIC  has 3 different models depending on the volume of the area to protect and the  power required.

SMART: This model has low power which makes it optimal for small surfaces and more “domestic” installation. The hypoxic module goes inside the cabinet and can be configured at 220V.

ACTIVE:This is the mid-range model. Ideal for medium size surfaces like offices or small factories. The hypoxic module goes inside the cabinet.

INTENSE: It is characterized by its high power. It will fully cover the risk in large areas like warehouses.  The hypoxic module goes into the framework.

Main Advantages

+ Permanent protection: The system operates 24 hours a day under the established conditions. There is no risk of extinguishers being activated unexpectedly or creating damages.

+ Demonstrable reliability: Finding out if the system is functioning correctly is as easy as verifying the oxygen concentration in the room at any moment.

+ Eliminates collateral damages: The extinguishing systems by Sprinklers, foam and dust are suitable  for extinguishing fire. However in most cases they produce collateral damages that may involve total or partial loss of the contents to protect.

+ Eliminates damages caused by smoke: One of the most common causes of damage in the content is the destruction of products by smoke pollution. LPG LOXIC eliminates this disadvantage completely.

+ Less cost of installation and maintenance: Few elements which makes assemble easier. Generally, the installation of “T’s” of flow separation is not required which shortens assembly time.

+ Ease of maintenance: The simplicity of the equipment means that the number of elements to control during preventive maintenance is small.

+ Less cost: LPG LOXIC eliminates costs, extra charge, maintenance or accidental discharge costs.

+ 100% ecological product: LPG LOXIC is environmentally friendly and does not introduce chemical compounds in the atmosphere.

+ Additional advantages: Reduces oxidation process. This has a very beneficial effect, especially for perishable products susceptible to oxidation.

+ Refrigerated Rooms

+ Store of hazardous substances

+ Textiles stores

+ Foods stores

+ Automated Parking Lots

+ Data Center

+ Heritage

Use in Occupied Rooms
Nowadays, systems like LPG LOXIC are actively used within the medical field for treating illnesses such as:

    Cardiovascular illnesses
    Metabolic disorders
    Anti-Aging method
    Improves immunity system
    Helps metabolism in pregnancy
    Reduces fatigue

Moreover, intermittent breathing with hypoxic and ambient air has proved to estimulate the production of antioxidants in the body.

This added capacity of antioxidant systems can help eliminating imbalances such as the formation of oxygen free radicals which encourage muscle fatigue in intense exercise and alteration of cells which, actually, are the source of an increased risk of damage and/or injury.
LPG LOXIC systems are designed by LPG according to standards SN123456, VdS 3527 and PAS95.

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