Integrated Management System Policy

Within the scope of our Integrated Management System Policy, Norm Teknik A.Ş. aspect;

  • To provide the most suitable solutions to its customers within the framework of national and international standards by following the technological developments in this field in order to meet the needs of its customers regarding fire safety,
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the systems in order to meet the system requirements and customer expectations and needs,
  • To ensure that our services are equally accessible to all customers,
  • To ensure the continuity of compliance with occupational safety and environmental legal and other requirements within the scope of the products and services offered,
  • To control the waste generation in all activities, minimize it, and protect nature,
  • To reduce occupational accidents, injuries, and health deterioration by determining and controlling hazards in all activities, including service procurement,
  • To adopt a risk and opportunity-oriented management system approach,
  • Employees' active participation in the management system,
  • Not to include products that are legally prohibited from being used in projects,
  • We are committed to ensuring the continuity of customer satisfaction by providing quality and effective after-sales service.