At the beginning of 90s, fire protection system was caming into being slowly, and three eager young engineers focused on this major,and specialized on, when they decided to put their experience in one path, the story of Norm Teknik would have began.

When celendars showed the month of June in 1997, Norm Teknik started its facilities within a small office, but today its organizations covers İstanbul Head Office and Ankara Branch Office, and nearly 200 employees in the work for fire protection systems. The structure of the company is producing project with unique solutions to be based on international and domestic standards, and also adapted with technology.

First of all, Norm Teknik prepared a system unity like putting all systems in one path in order to encourage the idea that is a way for making people in safe and servicing high quality to the customers. That's why, Norm Teknik services consultancy, engineering, material provision,supervisory, installation and maintenance with one-stop solution. For betterness, Norm Teknik being a partner with known brands both internationally and domestically, and it not only settled Normeks for manufacturing fire hose cabinets, but it also built KOCAELİ FACTORY for coordinating all production process and On Automations for smart building management system.

Norm Teknik A.Ş. has been completed several mega projects since 1997. Through 25 years of experience, it will try to understand the unwritten ones, producing sytems with respect to high international and domestic standards, and always want to say that "when you get any service from us, you can immediately be sure about it has all necessary qualifications".

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