• Analyzing the risk-class of work in order to produce unique solutions for the projects based on the international and domestic standards,
  • Keeping the customers satisfaction level at maximum for giving the highest service quality,
  • Producing systems combines with high design standards and manufacturing capacity for valuing care and health of the community.


  • Specializing on fire protection system, and trying to put what the best is for our business
  • Through our young team dynamism, reaching the highest level of technology to service its benefits for our country
  • Having a professional team, being a partner with known brands in international and domestic area,and our production capacity are the reflection of our vision for decreasing the risk of fire in any buildings all around the world
  • Focusing on modern management style and R&D facilities to raise the quality level of service and products, increasing the awareness of what fire protection is among the people living with.
  • Integrating the resources, labor force and experience of our country to the projects and productions process of us in order to stabilize the continuous growth.

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