• Fixed temperature digital heat detector
  • Existing 5 alarm temperatures, 155°F, 185°F, 220°F, 350°F ve 465°F
  • Compatible with all fire control panels
  • Directly connected to initial circuit
  • Economical solutions for dangerous areas
  • Suitable solution for places where point detectors cannot be applied
  • Heat alarm does not change because of cable length, ambient temperature and other negative reasons.

Linear heat sensor cables are flexible, durable, low cost, fixed temperature fire detectors which have a large area of usage in commercial and industrial applications. Having a small diameter, it gives signals against fires occurring along its length. Sensor cable is made of steel covered 19 AWG copper surrendered by heat sensitive non-conductors and it is protected against various ambient affects with a plastic band. Cable type detector operates integrated with conventional or addressed type fire alarm panels.

Operation principle

Doğrusal Isı DedektörüTwo cables touching each other as a result of non-conductor cover melting at a certain temperature creates short-circuit and sends signals to fire control panel. Normal operation of the cable is in open circuit situation. In places where these systems are established, detection of perceived alarm information in terms of metre and as point on regional basis is possible. Linear heat detectors have the features to detect any heat increase coming to it from any point in the established area.


  • Open area protection
  • Conveyors
  • Tunnels
  • Plane hangars
  • Cable channels
  • Classified dangerous areas
  • Closed mines

Doğrusal Isı Dedektörü

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