Manufacturing fire cabinets with semi-rigid rubber hose and flat hose since 1999, Normeks offers solutions for architectural applications with 50 different models. Serving with fast production capacity and stock approach without conceding product quality and security, Normeks is a subsidiary of NORM TEKNIK GROUP. Where is it necessary?

As specified in 94th article of Fire Protection of Buildings Regulation;

  • In floors whose size exceeds 60 m,
  • In high-rise buildings,
  • In plant, workshop, warehouse, accommodation, health, meeting and education purposed buildings with total area of usage larger than 1000 m2.
  • In parking garages with area larger than 600 m2 area
  • In boiler rooms with thermal capacity of more than 350 kW, fire cabinet is necessary to be built.

  • It has cabinet chassis made of 1.5 mm DKP plate, double folded cabinet door and cabinet back assembly plate made of 1,2 mm DKP plate.
  • With three levelled leak proof detailed stainless brass reel core, water feeding at reel centre, hose reel that can turn 180°.
  • Back assembly plate at the surface cabinet should be assembled separately from frame cabinet chassis adjustable in built-in closet. In this way, any possible damage from plaster and paint is prevented.
  • Hose valves have PN16 operation pressure.
  • Connection between hose and the valve is made with a specially reinforced clamp.
  • There is an adjustable jet/spray/closing nozzle at the end of the hose.
  • Outdoor cabinets have 90 micron electrostatic powder coating and inside the building, fire cabinets have 70 micron electrostatic powder coating.
  • Standard production colour is RAL 9002 and RAL 3001, and there are also other colour options.
  • Special NORMEKS door lock does not create any bulge on the surface.
  • In our standard productions, water inlets are on the right. Left top and down demand should be specified separately.
  • Our standard production has plate cover. Transparent cover (plexiglass, reinforced glass) demands should be separately specified.

  • Our products are manufactured in compliance with TS. EN 671-1 and TS EN 671-2.
  • They are certified with CE 1299.
  • Hoses are compatible with TS EN 694.
  • On the outer surface of the cabinet, there is a sign board complying with 92/58/EEC.
  • Manufacturer company keeps the right to make any changes in production standards and materials without any prior notice.

CE 1299 ISO 9001:2008 TS EN 671 TSE