We supply high integrity HVAC equipments for the industries below:

  • Oil&Gas
  • Petro&Chemical
  • Power Plants (Combined Cycle)
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Natural Gas&Coal Plants
  • Onshore&Offshore Platforms
  • Marine Sytems
  • Metro&Tunnel Systems
  • Military / Defence / Shelter Projects


  • Blast Dampers (Safe Area Use or ATEX Certified, 3rd party tested)
  • Blast Valves (DB rating class 1)
  • Gas Tight Valves (DIN 3230 BO LEAK RATE 1)
  • Fire and Gas Dampers (ATEX Certified, four hours tested)
  • Gas Tight Dampers (Safe Area Use or ATEX Certified, EN 1751 Class3, Class4)
  • Fire and Smoke Dampers (EN 13501-3, EN 13501-4 EIS 120, EIS 90, UL 555, three hours tested, UL 555S Class 1 Leakage)
  • Isolation Shut-Off Dampers (Safe Area Use or ATEX Certified)
  • Sand Trap Louvers (Stainless Steel or Aluminium)
  • Electrical Heaters (Safe Area Use or ATEX Certified)
  • Chemical Filter Units (ISA 71.04 G1, G2 Class)
  • BLAST DOORS; We offer a full range of fire and/or blast resistant architectural items and also designed the blast resistant wall systems. This bolted or welded wall system secures the safety of your environment and is suitable for harsh offshore conditions. The build-up wall covers all fire ratings with blast ratings according the project specified values.
  • BLAST WINDOWS; Our window units are customized and available in all fire ratings A0, A60, H0, H60 and H120 according the IMO/SOLAS regulations in different sizes. Jet fire resistant windows can also be supplied with additional modifications. Windows can be upgraded for blast resistance upon your specification or requirements.
  • FIRE RESISTANT WALLS; Norm Teknik has a large variety of wall designs, consisting of a bolted wall design IDM ProPanel and G21 Fire Panel and a welded wall configuration IDM Panel Welded. All systems range from A0 up to H120 fire rating.
  • Air Handling Units (ATEX Certified, Blast Proof)


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